The Instamatic 25 was made from 1966 to 1972 by Kodak Ltd. (England) and Kodak Spain, to a design for the camera externals by Kenneth Grange. The Internals, including shutter mechanism were designed by Alex Gow. The camera has a two-speed shutter. Its speed selector can be shifted from the sun symbol (1/90 sec.) to the half-sun symbol (1/40 sec.) . The Kodak 1:11/43mm lens has fixed focusing and fixed aperture. The viewfinder is of reverse Galilean type. The flash shoe is for Kodalux bulb flashes. The camera weighs only 150 gr.

Kodak instamatic 25

Lens: 1:11 43mm
Shuter: 1/90 – 1/40

Kodak Instamatic Flasholder