How to disable the Caps Lock key on Ubuntu

I don’t like Caps Lock, it’s the the most unnecessary key on the keyboard in my opinion. I hardly ever write more than couple of words in capitals, but often accidentally hit the key; suddenly finding myself TYPING IN ALL CAPS LIKE A SCREAMING MONKEY. Here’s an easy way to disable your Ubuntu’s Caps Lock key. Install dconf I already had this installed Disable caps lock (reenable by pressing both

Python convert hex to ascii

I’ve been having trouble with this simple task of converting a string of hexadecimal digits to text. My research and testing were insufficient. While the characters are not from extended ascii table, this is a easy task. But my strings can and will include letters like “áðéíóþæ”.The sting comes from snmp and in this example I will be using the word “Ísland” for this demo hex “cd 73 6c 61